Why Camp Life is Beautiful

Why Camp Life is Beautiful

My experience working at a summer camp:

I was lucky enough to take a walk to our camp’s western border at sunset the other night, and snapped this picture. You can see Lake Michigan and the dune, as well as my dog Naya. There are so many moments at camp that fill my heart with joy and a sense of gratitude.

I work in the office at camp, so I don’t spend much time with campers except at meals and the occasional all-camp activity like our 4th of July celebration. At meals, though, I get to ask campers how their days are going, what their best thing was that day, or what they are looking forward to that evening or for the rest of their day.

Last night I asked a first-year camper how she was liking it, and she said that she absolutely loves her counselors, Jo and Annie. Another camper at the table is staying for a second session: he’s a very chill, sweet kid who just feels at home at camp. He’s starting at a private middle school next year, after spending elementary school at a public school, so he may have some feelings about not belonging at school, but at camp he is free to be himself, connect with and be accepted by others, and enjoy being outdoors.

The benefits of working at a summer camp

Working at camp allows us all to make a difference and connect— even those, like me, whose day-to-day work effort is spent dealing with invoices and email. And then, at the end of the day, I get to see beautiful sunsets, or hear the constant song of birds, and think about how working at camp is rewarding and beautiful, in addition to being a “real job” for some and a great resume builder for others.

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